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Reel Makers Have Huge Advantage On Instagram

Reel Makers Have Huge Advantage On Instagram

Instagram is a space where you can share anything from memories to content. Any content with engagement can help more people discover your profile. Unfortunately, from mid-2019 to early 2020, the Instagram algorithm was not helping new profiles gain traffic, even with consistent original content.

After that, when Instagram launched reels in August 2020, creators on the platform had more space to be discovered. With reels, likes did not matter too much compared to the past. Instead, Instagram prioritized the number of views, shares, and saves in content. You can opt to use smm panel to upgrade your reach. And since Instagram reels came into action, the Instagram algorithm has always favored those making reels, bringing more traffic to their posts.

Four simple ways to get discovered through Instagram reels:

  • Unique Content.
  • Trending songs and Hashtags.
  • Brand Consistency.
  • Good quality videos.

Unique Content

Choose original content and try avoiding content that is a repeat of a repeat. Even if your field of interest matches some other profile on Instagram, try finding something only you can do. Unique original content brings traffic to your profile.

  • The Instagram reels algorithm looks for things like:
  • How long a viewer is looking at the post
  • If the viewer looking at the content is clicking at the profile
  • Is the viewer sharing/saving the post
  • Is the viewer ready to tap for more

How Long A Viewer Is Looking At The Post?

Instagram notes down the amount of time a viewer spends in the reels. Accordingly, the algorithm decides if they are interested in seeing more content from the same profile or not.

If The Viewer Looking At The Post Is Clicking At The Profile?

Instagram also notes if the user is ready to click their profile after seeing their reels. It also notes the amount of engagement on the page with the best engagement time for you to post your reels.

Is The Viewer Sharing/Saving The Post?

Instagram creates more traffic to a reel post when several users share or save the reel. With all the information in hand, the reel algorithm decides what content to show. So the number of views, shares, and save instantly increase the traffic in the profile.

Is The Viewer Ready To Tap For More?

Sharing reels in your feed and making an allocated reel feed together help build traffic towards your profile. The Instagram algorithm also notes when viewers are ready to tap for more similar content. Maintain a flow. With all these factors combined, the reel algorithm stands in a better place. Many opt to use smm services as they provide you with organic views.

Trending Songs And Hashtags

Researching what is trending on Instagram reels will help us discover music and hashtags that work. Using the same songs or hashtags with unique content will also help us get noticed. Even though hashtags are helpful, an excessive amount of them can make the algorithm ignore them or show in non-relevant hashtags. On the other hand, the usage of 3-5 relevant hashtags is always enough to be noticed by the algorithm.

Brand Consistency

You have found your niche. You are thrilled to make content. However, the content you create becomes a brand when you look into factors like color, lighting, effects/editing, the kind of content, the whole frame, and customize what you want your audience to watch. For instance, there is an influencer who makes art and craft videos. She knows she likes pastel colors and is obsessed with the rainbow. She enjoys redecorating/remaking old torn squishes. Her speaking style is easily recognizable as she has her quirky way of addressing things. Everything from your speaking style to how you present yourself and the backgrounds together forms your brand consistency. With that, you can do brand merchandising where people would be more than ready to invest in your brand.

Good Quality Videos

The Instagram reel algorithm does not let the users engage with reels that have visible watermarks from other applications. In addition, Instagram does not support recycled or pirated videos, thus supporting original content creators. The users always prefer to scroll through good-quality videos. Low-quality videos are nobody’s favorite. So giving good quality makes the audience even more interested in hanging out with the reel for a while. With good quality comes more engagement and traffic to your reel and the profile fully.

In Conclusion

Compared to the old times, Instagram reels provide better chances with their algorithm improvements that favor content makers. The algorithm looks for the type of content the user is watching and, based on the results, will make similar content available. Being active, engaging with your audience, and replying to DMs and tags will show your content in other people’s feeds.