Voted Best of Philly® four years running and featured by Forbes for our creative community outreach, we are dedicated to transforming your body and building a bright future for all in Philly. Get fit and give back, knowing that every class, duet, and private session you take supports a survivor of human trafficking in PA and beyond. Soar with us in Flight School: Studio 101 …Then, choose your own adventure by enrolling in sweat sessions that pique your curiosity!

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Ploome and REQ.1, our sister non-profit organization and studio partner, promote mindfulness and balanced living through physical activity, self-expression, and community connections.

Christina Stoltz, Founder of Ploome and REQ.1Ploome and REQ.1 took root in Philadelphia, PA in 2010 and quickly gained momentum. The fitness boutique and corresponding non-profit organization have existed in various forms and across three continents since 2006. Then, as a Dartmouth graduate, founder and president Christina M. Stoltz embarked on a career in international human rights advocacy with a focus on human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and domestic and sexual violence. Following the publication of her Masters thesis in 2007 and with the support of her alma mater, the US State Department, UNIFEM, international outreach organizations, and state prisons, Christina organized and facilitated community campaigns, educational programs, and artistic projects in the United States, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence.

While working in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, Christina survived a brutal assault and attempted abduction that left her feeling powerless. She was physically and psychologically broken, far from home, and unable to access the resources she needed to heal. As a community education coordinator and as a victim advocate in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital, Christina found support and understanding from the residents of the crisis centers where she worked. Her personal recuperation through fitness and commitment to body studies inspired her to develop a creative healing program in Bishkek for trauma survivors of bride kidnapping, human trafficking, and domestic and sexual violence. Together, she and the participants of this program utilized innovative fitness, response writing, and experiential art to transcend trauma and heal through movement.

Following the 2010 civil uprising in Kyrgyzstan, Christina returned to the United States and dedicated her professional pursuits to trauma rehabilitation and recovery. She created the Ploome-REQ.1 hybrid as a viable solution to the growing demand for affordable,
empowering, and practical mechanisms of self-care that fitness facilities, non-profits, and community organizations in the US and abroad cannot systemically deliver. Together, Ploome clients and REQ.1 participants get fit & give back. Active, engaged, and informed, they share in the fun and innovation of movement that matters.


Ploome and REQ.1 are intelligent fitness and creative healing in action: they utilize physical activity to transform the body, strengthen the mind-body connection, and explore the joy of movement in a creative and carefree environment. Ploome provides programming and financial support to REQ.1, our sister non-profit organization and studio partner. REQ.1 empowers victims of violence to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art. Every Ploome class you take supports a REQ.1 participant!

Both Ploome and REQ.1 promote creative physical expression and community advocacy. At our shared studio, Ploome and REQ.1 host monthly events and workshops that combine innovative fitness and educational outreach to raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence and to inspire social change. Ploome espouses a “Work Out. Chill Out. Help Out.” model that directly involves our clients in the growth and development of REQ.1 through such studio programs as Donate Duds n’ Save. In turn, REQ.1 welcomes the Ploome community and the community at large to share its passion for healing through movement and art.

REQ.1 is Ploome’s sister non-profit organization and studio partner. REQ.1 provides victim-survivors of gender-based violence with safe and supportive outlets for physical activity, self-expression, and community connections. At REQ.1, we utilize innovative fitness, response writing, and experiential art to encourage self-reflection and build self-esteem; we create inclusive communities through small group programming; and we inspire social change through anti-violence education and community outreach.

Donate your gently used fitness clothing and art supplies to REQ.1 and save up to $5.00 off your next Ploome class or studio pass. To provide additional programming and financial support to REQ.1 and to the victim-survivors for whom we advocate, become a REQ.1 supporter, advocate, sponsor, or partner today!

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