Who Runs the World!?!?!…GIRLS.



Dear Philly,

It’s time to shape our country’s future. Get out there today and share your vote with the rest of world. Your opinion matters and helps to shape the moral fabric of our community!

Owning every aspect of your life and taking control of your choices are paramount at Ploome. Jen Fretz, pictured above, does just that. In preparing for her wedding, Jen held herself accountable to a healthy and balanced routine that honored her workouts, her meals, and, most importantly, her goals for the Big Day. Fretz pulled no punches and fearlessly committed herself to making her Wedding Day dreams come true. As a result, she did. Get it, girl.

You better believe that Jen Fretz is voting today (if she hasn’t already!). Now, it’s your turn. Rock the vote and we’ll rock your workouts all week!

Post a photo of your “I Voted Today” sticker on Instagram, tag @PloomePhilly in the photo, and add #PloomePhilly in the description and…


Let’s write our country’s history together!

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team