Can't make it to the studio, strapped for time, or looking to supplement your current fitness routine? We offer an array of 15-55 minute cyber sweats from our signature fitness programs: Mixed Method Mat; Pilates Apparatus; Cardio Barre; and Happy Feet Run Clinic®. We now offer three ways to join our virtual fitness family...


Do you have what it takes to crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness? We challenge you to complete 45 virtual workouts in 45 days, track your progress, and share your success with the Ploome virtual community.


Enjoy a lifetime of unlimited streaming access to our signature mat, barre, apparatus, and run routines through your Ploome MindBody account. Purchase a Ploome Travel Training Kit to up-the-ante on your workouts while challenging your core stability.


Conquer five cyber sweats each month! Pocket your Ploome experience while reaping all the benefits of our in-studio memberships: from Refer-A-Friend Freebies to discounts on custom studio equipment and apparel.

Together, let's crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness!


Mixed Method Mat

pilates mat and yogaYou don’t need your third eye to see the lengthening and strengthening effects of Pilates mat and yoga. Both are physical and mental workouts that stimulate the conscious connection of your body and mind by embracing the power of your breath to facilitate movement. Find your center while stabilizing your core. Grip socks required. Flight School: Studio 101 required.

    • Armed and Dangerous: Make love not war with these guns! Target tone your arms, back, and glutes using free weights, wrist and ankle weights, magic circles, and mini hula hoops to challenge your core stability, rev your metabolism, and improve your posture.
    • Feel Me Flow: Lengthen and strengthen your entire body by utilizing its natural resistance, coupled with yoga blocks and yoga straps, to improve your posture, relieve stress, and enhance flexibility.
    • Head Over Heels: Flip out over a hybrid magic circle and resistance band mat routine that utilizes seated, standing, and inverted poses to build your strength, balance, and coordination.
    • Light My Fire: Scheduled at dawn and dusk, this detoxifying, meditative, and oftentimes candlelight Vinyasa yoga class harnesses the natural rhythms of your breath and body through a gentle series of poses designed to center your mind and alleviate muscle tension.
    • Naughty Bits: Looking to slip back into your skinny jeans, increase your sexual appetite, and optimize your athletic performance? Our Pelvic Power Class is designed to strengthen your core and lower back while supporting your pelvic floor and shoulders. Dubbed by Frequent Ploomers as “The Pelvic Power Hour”, this sweat session is great for anyone looking to tighten their naughty bits! Prenatals and postnatals are encouraged to enroll in this wellness workout (modifications are always provided!). 
    • Nice to be Kneaded: Move quickly from TLC to tough love with weighted balls, resistance bands, and foam rollers that stretch your spine, open your hips, and realign your shoulder girdle. De-kink after a long day…or night!
    • Swingers: Talk about a two-for-one special! Combine the body-sculpting benefits of Pilates mat and yoga with the cardio kick of weighted jump rope and Skip-It intervals to pump up your heart rate as you strengthen and tone your abs, arms, and legs.

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pilates apparatusClassical Pilates apparatus is the sleek and chic love child of TRX and traditional gym machines. Our world-renowned and handcrafted Pilates equipment utilizes your body’s natural resistance and the weighted resistance of springs, pulleys, and bars to strengthen and sculpt your muscles. Move fluidly and dynamically in all planes of motion as you stretch your body from head to toe. Grip socks required. Flight School: Studio 101 required.

  • Balls Out: Strengthen your core with a target-toning workout that utilizes the stability ball and Tower Wall Unit to sculpt your abs, obliques, and glutes. As our Frequent Ploomers agree, we’ve got the biggest balls in Philly!
  • Barreled Over: Open your heart and thoracic spine to a challenging combination of upper and lower body postures on a series of Pilates barrels and Bosu balance trainers that will leave you feeling lengthened and rejuvenated.
  • Jump On It: Give your workout a literal boost with a strength training circuit that combines the Jumpboard and trampoline to rev your metabolism, improve your circulation, and build your stamina.
  • Rage Against the Machine: Build your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance in this circuit interval workout on the  Tower Wall Unit, Wunda Chair, Barrel, and Ball. It’s guaranteed to rock your socks…and burn your buns.
  • Sprung: A studio staple since 2011!  Combine Pilates mat work and weighted strength training exercises on the Tower Wall Unit to challenge your balance, stabilize your core, and elongate your muscles.
  • Wunda Barre: Utilize the Wunda Chair, Tower Wall Unit, Barrel, and Ball to improve your muscular endurance as you strengthen and sculpt your arms, legs, and glutes. No two Wunda Barre Workouts are ever the same, so come to class prepared to kick some serious ass. 

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Cardio Barre

barre fitness and danceOur fusion barre classes build your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. They combine high intensity interval training, using glide boards and weighted boxing gloves, with isometric holds and precise muscle movements at the ballet barre to challenge your coordination and flexibility. Dig out your old tutu, channel your inner speed skater, and hit it Rocky style. Grip socks and gripless socks/canvas ballet shoes required: see class descriptions for details. Flight School: Studio 101 required.

  • Booty Rock Ballet: Rock out with grace in this weighted barre, band, and ball workout set to the sweet sounds of all those iconic rock bands that shook you all night long (and still do). Grip socks or canvas ballet shoes required.
  • Fight Clubbin’: Get ready to rock steady in this advanced free weight circuit, utilizing 10-15 lb. arm weights and 5 lb. ankle weights to “up-the-ante” on your Mat, Barre, Apparatus, and Run workouts. Have no fear! Props are optional and modifications are always provided. Grip socks required.
  • Going Gaga: Calling all little monsters! Strap on some ankle weights and pop-lock-drop it like it’s hot to the empowering anthems of America’s Wonder Women, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. Viva la Vogue: study a new routine each month and shoot a music video with us at your fourth class! Grip socks required.
  • Knock Out: Target tone your abs, arms, and ass in this fun and fast paced hybrid workout dedicated to sculpting your back body and strengthening your core.Grip socks required.
  • Let’s Get Physical: Improve your joint mobility and range of motion with a high intensity and low impact cardio glide board and barre routine designed to build your core strength and increase your flexibility. Gripless socks or canvas ballet shoes required.
  • Risky Business: Optimize your cardiovascular and strength training workouts at the ballet barre! Utilize weights, bands, and balls to test your coordination and agility while challenging your speed and precision on the glide board. Gripless socks or canvas ballet shoes required.
  • VaVoom: Spice up your fitness routine with a cardio burlesque that utilizes weights, chairs, and mini hula hoops to perfect your bump, grind, and shimmy. Bring your fiercest high heels for added booty burn. Viva la Vogue: study a new routine each month and shoot a music video with us at your fourth class! Grip socks required. 

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Happy Feet Run Clinic® Our Happy Feet Run Clinic® is a mixed method training program that combines outdoor running, resistance drills, self-myofascial release (think: foam rolling!), weighted circuits, and Pilates mat work. Led by Road Runners Club of America® certified marathon coaches Christina Stoltz and Sherri King, Happy Feet Run Clinic support both to studio members who would like to begin running and to studio members who are experienced runners returning to the sport after layoff or injury. Check our small group class schedule for such sessions as Labor of Love and Performance Movement Techniques. Slap on your sneakers and hit the road with us!

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Peak Performance® Virtual WorkoutsCan’t make it to the studio, strapped for time, or looking to supplement your current fitness routine? Purchase a Ploome Peak Performance® Virtual Workout or Bundle and share a sweat with us online from anywhere in the world.  We offer an array of 15-55 minute cyber sweats from our signature fitness programs: Mixed Method Mat; Pilates Apparatus; Cardio Barre; and Happy Feet Run Clinic®. To optimize your virtual Ploome experience, buy a Travel Training Kit from our Mindbody Online Store. We feature the Travel Training Kit in our virtual workouts to increase the intensity of your sweat session, to provide you with the cardio kick you crave, and to rev your metabolism for hours after your workout! 

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Duet & Private Sessions

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, preparing for a special event, or eager to spice up your current workout routine, our private training sessions will get you where you want to go quickly and effectively! Each session is tailored to your body, your schedule, and your fitness goals. After developing a thorough understanding of both your short-term needs and long-term goals, we prepare a custom training program for you that uniquely combines consultation and evaluation with rehabilitation and therapeutic care in order to help you prevent injury, reduce the effects of chronic conditions, strengthen your neuromuscular system, and optimize your athletic performance.
Love our one-on-one workouts but can’t make it to the studio? Book a virtual private session and get ready to get sweaty online via Skype or FaceTime. All you need is the Internet; no equipment necessary. Call or email us to book your private sessions in-studio or online today!

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