The New Year is Here! Time to Take It to the Next Level


Happy New YearDear Philly,

2016 is almost here…literally. We cannot wait for the New Year. To celebrate a fresh start, take advantage of the promos below:

  • Ploome Exclusive! 2016 Goal Setting Studio Session: Join us on Wednesday, January 6th, from 7:15-7:45pm for a free goal-setting forum lead by Head Mistress Stoltz. In this session, we will dive head first into the goal setting process, from inspiration to perspiration. All participants will receive a complimentary Ploome Accountability Journal to kick off the New Year right!
    • Please note, you do not need to be in the studio physically to participate in this forum. We will be offering a complimentary conference call for all Frequent Ploomers around the world who want to get in on the action. This is the studio’s first truly interactive group class: in person and online. Everything will happen in real time, so prepare to connect with Ploomers around the globe!
  • Ploome Peak Performance Virtual Workout Bundle: Take your Ploome Workouts with you anywhere in the world this New Year! Now through January 2nd, purchase a Ploome Peak Performance Virtual Workout Bundle, including 2 Virtual Workouts and a complimentary Ploome Travel Training Kit, for only $30! Enjoy unlimited access to these workouts until January 11th.
  • Ploome Mission Malas: Celebrate the studio’s signature mantra Work Out – Chill Out – Help Out by wearing it every day! Bedazzle yourself while inspiring others to greatness. Now through January 2nd, save 10% off our Mission Mala 3-Stack Bracelet Sets, 5-Stack Bracelet Sets, and Necklaces. Use the Promo Code “Work Out Chill Out Help Out” to redeem your savings at Ploome Mindbody checkout.

Happy New Year, fitness family. May 2016 shine brightly for us all!

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team