Dear Philly,

It’s a Leap Year! We’ve a whole extra day in the calendar this year and the Ploome Team and I wanted to make the most of it. The weather is gorgeous, the Ploome community is fearless, and Spring is almost here (…can’t you smell it in the air!?!?!).

FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS, we invite you to enjoy some discounted studio and virtual sweats with us on this very special holiday:


  • One-Month Unlimited Class Pack (no min. participation): $255
  • One-Month Unlimited Class Membership (3 mo. min. participation): $235
  • One-Month Unlimited Class Membership (12 mo. min. participation): $215


  • One-Month Virtual Workout Bundle (5 virtual workouts; no min. participation): $89
  • One-Month Virtual Workout Membership (5 virtuals/mo.; 3 mo. min. participation): $79
  • One-Month Virtual Workout Membership (5 virtuals/mo.; 12 mo. min. participation): $69

Email ploomephilly@gmail.com by Tuesday, March 1st with the name of the program in which you wish to enroll. We will update your Ploome MindBody accounts on March 1st and send you a written email confirmation!

Can’t wait to see you in the studio and share another sweat with you.

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team


Meet Arianna Rhodes, Frequent Ploomer since 2013. Here’s what she’s got to say about Ploome Small Group Classes:

“Ploome has helped me totally change my life. I love taking Ploome’s small group classes, which have made me stronger, leaner, and given me a great core. The classes are effective and fun because the instructors create a welcoming atmosphere with great playlists. The instructors are very attentive and willing to customize the workout based on people’s individual needs. They also provide alternate moves and exercises for members who are pregnant or hurt.

I’ve also made some new friends, both during workouts and during some of Ploome’s special events where we can hang out and get to know one another. I definitely recommend Ploome’s small group classes for anyone looking to branch out and see results.”


Meet Laura Lyons, Frequent Ploomer since 2014. Here’s what she’s got to say about Ploome Virtual Sessions:

“I used to travel quite a bit for work and staying motivated while away from home was difficult for me. In order to stay on track while away, Christina and I started having virtual Private Sessions via Face Time – me in my hotel room and Christina in studio. Having the ability to see her face-to-face and hear the instructional cues live made the workout much more meaningful and focused than watching a generic fitness video. Christina made sure that the intensity was the same as doing an in-studio private mat and barre session. For anyone who travels and wants to keep their fitness routine on track, I highly recommend setting up a Ploome Virtual Session.”