Ploome's Virtual Workout Challenge

Dear Philly,

Welcome to your FREE #HomeSchooled 30-Day Virtual Workout Challenge! Crush your fitness goals without ever leaving the house this month. As Ploome’s Peak Performance® Virtual Workout Program continues to grow, so, too, does our virtual fitness community. Welcome to the family!

Below, please find links to your #HomeSchooled Virtual Challenge Workouts:

In order to properly document your transformation during this challenge and to provide your fellow virtual fitness enthusiasts with support, let’s take a moment to connect online:

  • Before you embark on the challenge, snap a “Day 1 Selfie” in form-fitting active wear and post it to your personal Instagram account. Include your name and fitness goals in the description below this pic. Tag @ploomephilly and use the hashtags #HomeSchooled, #ploomephilly, and #SweatySuperhero.
  • Set your Instagram account to public. Show us your Ploomage as you crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness.
    • If you’re feeling particularly sassy, connect your public profile with the Ploome virtual community to share the love all month long! (ie: christina_ploomephilly)
  • Post a daily Instagram video or photo of your killer form as you bang out our Ploome Power Moves! Tag @ploomephilly and use the hashtags #HomeSchooled, #ploomephilly, and #SweatySuperhero.
  • Score at least 25 likes from your Insta tribe and win 5 days of free classes or virtual workouts at Ploome!
    • It’s easy as pie! If people like your Instagram posts (in other words, if you are inspiring others to greatness), then we want to celebrate you with comped studio workouts and free cyber sweats all month long! We will announce all winners on 10/10, 10/20, and 10/30.
The Grand Prize

Together, let’s crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness.

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team