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Making Lifelong Friends

Dear Philly,

Today and every day, my heart goes out to you. The studio wouldn’t be what it is without your love, support, and (literal) sweat! You imbue this place with passion, excitement, and a killer sense of fun. The Ploome Team and I are blessed to work out, chill out, and help out with you.

It’s an amazing gift to share memories, build friendships, and foster a strong community together. As the studio continues to evolve, I am 110% certain that you ~ my incredible fitness family ~ will continue to inspire one another and ignite change throughout this great city.

I thank you for all of the love you have shown to me, the Ploome Team, and the entire studio community since our inception in 2011. It’s been a wild ride…one I will never regret!!!

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance…it’s about the love you show toward everyone in your life who helps to make it shine more brightly each day. You are those people to me…and to so many others in your tribe.

As a special celebration of love, the Ploome Team and I invite you to enjoy this wonderful holiday…on us!

Now through February 28th:

Give $50 Cash Back Receive $75 Cash Back Receive $100 Cash Back

Simple as that. Help us grow our community through the meaningful referrals of your friends and family and we will gift you some cheddar. Spend it wherever and however you would like (it’s cash, after all!).  
…Just promise us that you will treat yourself to something special! 
Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 
The Nitty Gritty: There is no catch! Simply refer your friends and family and receive a check from Ploome for every person who enrolls in the New Client Special: One-Month Unlimited Class Pack or any of our Monthly Studio Memberships. To receive your savings, simply email ploomephilly@gmail.com after your friend or family member enrolls, provide us with their name, and we will cut a check for you and leave it at the front desk. Easy as pie…

Give us your two cents :)

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