Do you have what it takes to be a #SweatySuperHero?



Be a #SweatySuperHero
45-Day Virtual Workout Challenge

Do you have what it takes to crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness? The Ploome Team and I dare you to unleash your inner Sweaty Superhero in our first-ever 45-day virtual workout challenge!

The #SweatySuperHeroChallenge includes:

  • 10 Ploome Peak Performance Virtual Workouts (15-25 minutes each)
  • 1 Ploome Peak Performance Travel Training Kit
  • 1 Ploome Accountability Journal
  • 1 Ploome Mindfull Meal Bar *exclusive to the studio and FDA-approved!
  • 1 Ploome Mission Mala *delivered upon your successful completion of the challenge!

You are welcome to enroll in this challenge at any time! Pick up your Sweaty Superhero Starter Kit at the studio or email and we will snail mail your Sweaty Superhero Starter Kit by February 14th. That’s all you need to kick off your 45-day virtual workout challenge!

Your Peak Performance Virtual Workouts will be available to you through your Ploome Mindbody account. Simply log into your account, click the “Virtuals” tab, and watch any of the workouts listed under the heading “Virtual Challenge Workouts”.

This challenge is completely virtual! Follow us on Instagram @ploomephilly for daily challenge inspiration, exercise breakdowns, and studio support! We will provide you with everything you need for this challenge through Instagram, so check us out every day.

The #SweatySuperHero Challenge rules are simple. They follow our signature studio mantra, “Work Out. Chill Out. Help Out.”:

  • Work Out: Complete 1 Ploome Peak Performance Virtual Workout a day for 45 days.
  • Chill Out: Update your Ploome Accountability Journal every day to track your progress.
  • Help Out: Post a picture or video to Instagram of you crushing it in this challenge! Use the hashtags #sweatysuperhero and #ploomephilly to show us your Ploomage. Don’t forget to tag @ploomephilly in the photos, too, so that we can help to spread the love!

All Sweaty Superheroes who have successfully documented their 45-day challenge on Instagram *using the correct hashtags and photo tags* will receive a custom Ploome Mission Mala, exclusive to the studio and to this challenge!

The #SweatySuperHero 45-Day Virtual Workout Challenge is an opportunity for you to enjoy all that the studio has to offer from the comforts of your own home. As the Ploome community grows, we invite you to join the party and we happily welcome you to the family!