Ploome Virtual Workouts

Take Brent Celek’s word for it…our Virtual Workouts work for everybody!

Dear Philly,

Oops, we did it again…For the fifth straight year in a row, we’ve been named Best of Philly®! This time, it’s our Virtual Workouts that are getting so much hype around the world. From LA to Tokyo, we’ve got Frequent Ploomers sweating their pants off in our 15-55 minute mat, barre, apparatus, and run routines.

What exactly are Ploome’s Peak Performance® Virtual Workouts? Our virtuals are pre-taped sweat sessions highlighting the foundational elements of our four signature fitness programs: Mat; Barre; Apparatus; and Run. Each virtual workout is designed around a specific fitness theme and features your fellow Frequent Ploomers as the fitness stars!

Who teaches Ploome’s Peak Performance® Virtual Workouts? I, Head Mistress Stoltz, lead all virtual sessions as if you were in an actual Ploome class, providing modifications, explanations, and breakdowns when necessary. You, our “at-home” and “on-the-go” Ploomers, are the primary focus of these workouts. They are strategically designed to help you build the body of your dreams on your schedule and at your pace.

How do I buy Ploome’s Peak Performance® Virtual Workouts? You’re welcome to buy our virtuals a la carte. Choose from over 30 virtual workouts in our digital archive.

In addition, we currently offer two Virtual Workout BundlesPeak Performance® Foundations Series; Peak Performance® Prenatal Series. Both Bundles feature 6 hours of virtual workouts and include:

  • One Intro Video
  • Four 30-minute Mat, Barre, Apparatus, and Run Workouts
  • Four 55-minute Mat, Barre, Apparatus, and Run Workouts

Our Peak Performance® Virtual Workouts utilize our Travel Training Kit, which is available for purchase through our MindBody Online Store. Buy a kit and we will ship it you for free!

How do I access Ploome’s Peak Performance® Virtual Workouts? It’s easy as pie. First, create a Ploome MindBody account (if you don’t already have one). Next, purchase a Single Virtual Workout or Virtual Workout Bundle. Log back into your Ploome MindBody account, click the “Virtuals” tab, and voila…You now have a lifetime of unlimited streaming access to all of the virtual workouts you just bought! To top it off, you can view these videos from any computer or mobile device.

What are you waiting for!?!?! Get ready to get sweaty with me and the gang. A serious ass-kicking is only a click away!

Buy Ploome Peak Performance Virtual Workout or Bundle

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team

Best of Philly 2016: Best Virtual Workout