Bedazzle Yourselves in Love & Lux Gemstones this V-Day!


Bedazzle-Yourselves-in-Love-&-Lux-Gemstones-this-V-Day-screenshotDear Philly,

Celebrate your commitment to get fit & give back this Valentine’s Day by wearing and sharing our Ploome Mission Malas. These handcrafted gemstone bracelets and necklaces embody the studio’s signature “Work Out. Chill Out. Help Out.” mantra and keep us connected beyond the walls of Ploome.

Each Ploome Mission Mala includes a custom studio charm which symbolizes our growing bonds of friendship and our commitment to hold one another accountable to our fitness goals.

Now through February 15th, save 20% off a
Mission Mala Single, 3-Stack, 5-Stack, or Necklace!

Use the promo code Love Lights 2016 to redeem your savings at Ploome MindBody checkout. Please note that all Mission Malas can be customized to include your favorite stones, charms, and tassels.

Simply email to outline your requests and we will happily help you build bracelets and necklaces of your dreams! We love you and we want you to love your Mission Malas.

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team